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In the USA, strong winds and rains are fairly common, including in Jacksonville, Florida which is on the path of storms from the South Atlantic Ocean.

Even though watching these storms might make for a great afternoon, it can create serious damage to your roof. When this kind of destruction happens and you have to get your roof fixed or replaced, it will be essential to have dumpsters for all the the materials and debris that a project such as that produces.

A roofing dumpster rental is the finest approach to get rid of the old shingles as you eliminate them.

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In order to do it, you have to consider some factors. These include:

1. Identify which roofing dumpster size is best

You have to determine the kind of shingles you are tearing off and the square footage. The most typical type of asphalt shingles roof is mostly three-tab and architectural. Architectural shingles weigh somewhat more than three-tab shingles since they are generally extra heavy.

2. Identify the total roofing square surface

A roofing square is equivalent to 100 square feet of shingles. Three bundles of shingles = 1 roofing square.

Determining the number of bundles you have to buy is vital. Commonly 30 bundles of asphalt shingles are equivalent to a 10 square roof.

3. Canvass for a low cost dumpster rental

It is always wise to hop for companies that offer dumpster rentals and inquire about their rates. This way you may be able to compare prices of the hauling companies and pick the one that best meets your necessities.

And here at Jacksonville Dumpster Rental Brothers, we offer the best price in Florida.

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4. Know the project variety

Make sure to ask if the dumpster can be used to dispose of several types of roofing materials such as tile, asphalt, wood, trim, underlayment and gravel. And we can dispose of these types of debris. Our dumpster renting company offers a variety of dumpster container sizes depending on the measure of your project.

5. Companies with skilled drivers are a good choice

Make sure to evaluate if the company is able to offer experienced drivers so your dumpster rental is positioned in the right position. They need to deliver your container to a place that lets you to get rid of roofing material directly into the dumpster.

Separate Roofing Shingles for Recycling

Throughout the rental procedure, make it certain to inquire if you must separate the roofing supplies. There are companies that would say to their consumers to have the shingles separated from other debris for the purpose of recycling.

You may agree or not, but lots of these roofing materials can be reused. Just like asphalt shingles. These can be recycled to cover up potholes and fresh asphalt pavement too. We can make use of concrete shingles as gravel for road construction or else recreate them forming a new concrete. You may also melt down metal roofing panels can be melted down and make use of them as fresh metal panels.

dumpster sizes available

Here are bits of advice to save cash. You may do this initially when planning to rent one of our dumpsters:

1. Just like what has mentioned earlier, call several dumpster companies to see who has the greatest offers. And it will turn out that we have the best prices in the region.

2. If you are not sure of the size you need to rent, preferably go with the larger size. You will get a lesser possibility of receiving overage charges or requiring an additional dumpster.

3. In the case that you have to rent a dumpster on a regular basis does not hesitate to ask us if we can offer you a discount or some promotion. If you are a reliable customer, we can give you this kind of incentive.

We have shown all the essential tips for renting a dumpster. Now, we hope this guide will assist you throughout the rental procedure for a roofing project.